Monday, November 10, 2008


What do you think? I'm crazy or insane! The reason behind I feel to tired updating all those BLOG. Even though I'm still making money with those Blogs I wanted to sell because I loss my focus of making money online. Others people can make money online with one blog but huge income, but not me. I have to create many BLOGS then having difficulties to update. Please help give your comment. Here is my offer :
Under single user name and password.

URL/ PR /RESERVE price 4/ 4000 2/ 2000 2 /2000 3/ 3000 3/ 3000 2/ 2000 0 /500 0 / 500 2 / 2000 2 /2000 2 /2000 2 /2000 3/ 3000 2 /2000 2 / 2000 0 /500
Total: USD 32,500

I wanted to be the first person to sell blogspot. Interested ???

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to make money with adsense using video BLOG

How to make money with adsense using video BLOG
Part 1 - Introduction

One thing for sure many people lazy to read compare watching video or movie and due to that reason we can attract more people to watch video and this is confirm as you can see how YOUTUBE is growth. Today with high-speed connection many people are wiling to spend their time to watch video online instead of reading or writing.
Another thing for sure many people are lazy in writing and that why we use video as our material for blog because you don’t have to write for blogging and some more it free, the only thing you need to know just copy and paste embed code to your blog.
If you already have BLOG for sure you came across attaching video to your BLOG with embed code. This special feature allows blogger to attached any video to their own blog and directly plays this video from the blog itself with data transfer from the original source.
Now start searching for the very hot topic for video and for me animation is the best (of course xxx rated is the most but please don’t use it to generate income) because many youngster their age in-between 10 ~ 20 years old is looking for the animation series for example dragonball,dragonball z,dragonball gt, naruto, naruto shippuden and many more.
Most of this video available through out our video source example youtube, dailymotion, veoh, google, yahoo and many more but not organize. What you need to do is to organize this video according to the title and episode into you blog. For example if you choose dragonball as your blog title then you should arrange this video according to the episode number example Dragonball episode 1, 2, 3 and …then people will attract to visit your blog from time to time to finish all episodes. Of cource you need time to post all episode into your blog according to episode number because number of episode may be can reach a few hundred but reasonable because more episode, more longer visitor have to stay at your blog.
Probably you can follow this blog example on how they organize the video to attract people to visit and make them stay longer at your blog:

Now you can start earning money from this blog by applying ads for example google adsense, bidvertiser and many more.
Good Luck
Next Article:
How to make money with adsense using video BLOG
Part 2 - How to get video and embed

BY : Sham

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Make money online with adsense - Tips and trick

What works best for me and others. Google Adsense can generate a great income stream....

Make money online with adsense - AdSense Optimization

Make money online with adsense - The easy way and free.

If you have a blog, or are thinking about starting a blog, then you are definitely going to want to read this article. It’s all about how to line your pockets with money that’s just waiting to be made without working much harder than you already are.

No only are blogs the hottest thing on the ‘net right now, but they are custom-made for Google’s AdSense program. Why? It’s simple. Blogs represent constantly changing and fresh content to Google’s search engine spiders. Feeding fresh content to those little spiders is just like tossing raw meat to a tiger. They just gobble it up. The more pages of your blog that get indexed, the more traffic you get. And the more traffic you get, the more exposure your AdSense ads get. Are you beginning to see where I’m heading here?

It’s not just Google that loves new content, all of the major engines do. In fact, some web-savvy bloggers are testing Google ads on one page and Overture ads on the other. It doesn’t take too long to see which ads are doing the best when you have nearly side-by-side comparison statistics to look at. Just don’t make the mistake of putting Google and Overture ads on the same page together. While they won’t kill each other like a pair of Siamese fighting fish in the same bowel will, you will be violating both sites’ Terms of Service, and it isn’t worth killing the goose (geese) that laid the golden egg.

It’s a snap to set up Google AdSense ads on your blog. Everything you need to know is right inside of the Google control panel. What’s not so easy is figuring out what ads are going to appear on each page. Since Google targets your key words, and your blog articles could possible wander towards any subject, you never know what you’re going to get.

Well, “never” is a strong word because there actually IS a way to pre-test your blog’s ads before you post your newest edition. Here’s what you do:

• Write your blog article like you normally would
• Plug in your AdSense code and then post your newest page to a sub directory that’s not part of your blog.
• Click refresh a few times until Google wakes up and starts sending ads.
• If you don’t like what you see then fine-tune the article until you see the types of ads that you’re looking for.

With some ads paying as much as $5 per click or more, I’d certainly spend an extra 30 minutes or so tweaking my blog. That’s for sure.

If you’re working hard to get your blog in front of visiting eyeballs, then it doesn’t make any sense at NOT to be using Google AdSense to draw every penny out of your site that’s possible. OK, that’s the end of the article. Now get busy tweaking your blog and checking your ads. You’ve got money waiting to be made!

About the author:
Diane provides marketing and internet profit tips.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Make money online with adsense - Change strategy

My blog now already stop using google adsense because again their policy which is using their trade mark as URL. Therefore I have to changed ppc program adsense to bidvertiser. We still can make money from this program because the concept is similar and for me much more easier to apply and their tools is much easier to set up. If you you plan to join please feel free to click their banner at left side bar. Good luck

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Make money with adsense ended here if you....?

This is their reply e-mail when I ask about the violation. Meaning this is the end for this blog to make money online with google adsense and this is the lesson:

  1. Don't use word "google" for your URL
  2. Don't use word "adsense" for your URL
  3. Don't use any google trademark for your URL
But thank god because they still allow me to make money with adsense for my other blog for example below :
  3. and many more.
Good luck and please review their policy before you get started making money with google adsense. Tq
Hello ,

Thank you for your email. The reason why we disabled ad-serving to
site is because you are using 'AdSense' in the URL. Publishers may not
place Google ads on sites incorporating Google trademarks in the site

As your site was found to be in violation of our programme policies, it
no longer eligible for participation in the AdSense programme.

Your account remains active and you are welcome to place Google ads on
other sites which comply with AdSense policies.


The Google AdSense Team

Google Ireland Ltd.
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4

Registered in Dublin, Ireland
Registration Number: 368047

Original Message Follows:
Subject: Re: Google AdSense
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 05:16:15 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sir,

Sorry about the violation but please help me to identify which portion
my blog is again your policies.
Domain name ?
Content ?
Or other ?
Your immediate feedback will be much appreciated.Tq

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Make money with adsense- Adding Google adSense to a Blogger Blog

The above video will show you how to add an adsense to blogger blog and you can start make money with adsense. Good luck

Monday, September 17, 2007

Make money online with adsense - How to create blog!

Watch this video then you know how to create blog, generate traffic then make money online. Good Luck